Rebecca Martin and Allison Stunja from our Charlotte office led a pro bono project with Restore Global. They were experiencing exponential growth and needed an assessment and recommendations for their business processes to set the organization up for future success. Apparo – Technology Solutions for Nonprofits matched Restore Global to a volunteer team from Jabian Consulting who documented their business processes and made recommendations for improvement.

The new process mapping delivered by Jabian has improved organizational effectiveness and freed critical bandwidth for Restore Global leadership to pursue new partnerships and take on significant additional growth.

As a result, they are on track to:

  • Increase assets delivered nonprofits by 80% this year (growing from $14 million to $25 million)
  • Meet or beat their goal of delivering $100 million in assets to nonprofits annually by 2023

Steven Wray, President/ CEO of Restore Global said, “My time has opened up because I’m not dealing with day-to-day operations and processes as much anymore. The effectiveness and execution of our programs are much greater than it was and that allows me to spend more time expanding, growing, and accepting more assets and new partnerships. Nonprofits have a critical need for our support. Our growth makes a real difference in people’s lives.”