December 18, 2020 – Dallas, TX – Girls Inc. of Tarrant County has named Jabian director, Brittany Christian, a member of the Girls Inc. of Tarrant County Board of Directors. In her role, she will strategically work with other Board members to achieve Girls Inc.’s mission and provide opportunities for girls that empower them to become the next generation of leaders.  

“We are delighted that Brittany has accepted our invitation to join the Board,” said Girls Inc of Tarrant County president and CEO Jennifer Limas. “She has been active with our organization for several years and we look forward to a continued partnership.” 

The mission of Girls Inc. of Tarrant County is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. This is translated into programs that encourage health, education, career readiness, and independence. Through advocating for girls and their futures, they reduce barriers in the girls’ lives that stem from violence, poverty, and inequity that they encounter at home, at school, in relationships, online, or in their community. The unique combination of life-changing mentoring relationships, a pro-girl culture, and research-based programming equip girls to be healthy, educated, and empowered. 

Girls Inc. of Tarrant County serves girls in kindergarten through their freshman year of college. In 2019, 4,890 girls participated in comprehensive impact programs. Another 16,554 were reached in outreach activities, such as summer camps and short-term workshops.