Meet Mykal Fraser, a director in Jabian’s Atlanta office! She is an executive leader with 20+ years of experience with a passion for deploying successful change management strategies, building dynamic organizational frameworks, devising innovative process improvement initiatives, and implementing strategic plans for global organizations.

Q: If you could be in any sitcom, which one would you choose? 

A: A Different World was one of my favorite shows as a child. I never knew life outside of my parent’s house. Who knew there was a place you can go and live without your parents and go to school? The parties, the friendships, the concerts, the step shows, the deep conversations, and oh yeah, the education had me imagining myself a part of the Hillman College family.

Q: What is some advice you got early in your career that you found especially helpful as you progressed? 

A: There is no certain age you must be to accomplish a goal. I used to say that when I turn 30, I will…I had given myself a set of goals that I wanted to accomplish when I turned 30. I guess I thought I was too young to be great. One day my mentor asked me with the most serious look “what will you have at 30 that you don’t have now?” I couldn’t answer. I took the limits off and bought my first house at 25.

Mykal Fraser