The Difference is Jabian_image

Being there. It's what we do for our clients. It's what we do for each other.

We have similar professional backgrounds and we’re all dedicated to the highest levels of client work, but we’re equally committed to the diversity of backgrounds and ideas we each bring to the table.  We value inclusion, teamwork, intellectual curiosity, and mutual support.  You’ll find us eating together, getting together after work with our families, and even vacationing together. Because we don’t travel for work, we have more time to cultivate meaningful relationships. At Jabian, you actually have time for a social life.

Every other month we host a social event that allows us to engage with others across the company.  We get together for company picnics, baseball games, river rafting, and volunteer events.  And our holiday parties are legendary.

Part of the reason our people are so comfortable together is the amount of scrutiny we put into the hiring process. You have to be an excellent performer, but you also need to be able to contribute to the culture. It’s one of the things we guard like a fortress because it defines who we are so well and is the number one benefit cited on employee satisfaction surveys.

“The access to leadership is what sets Jabian apart for me. Whenever I need feedback, insight, or advice, they make themselves available. I have never experienced that level of support from company leaders.”

Jabian Employee, 2014

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