At Jabian we believe that our employees can build lasting relationships with clients without having to sacrifice their personal lives. Jeff Hancock, a director in our Atlanta office, tells us how having the work/life balance has benefited him greatly during his career.

Q: What does your role entail?

A: My role involves helping my clients solve their most complex, high visibility problems. Since we don’t travel at Jabian, I get to apply my program/project management expertise across a wide variety of industries in the city.

Q: Can you give us an example of a recent project you’ve enjoyed?

A: My current project has exposed me to a whole new industry I knew very little about. I have the opportunity to drive an initiative in their research and development area so I get exposure to their cutting edge work.

Q: Why should someone want to work at Jabian?

A: The work-life balance that the firm offers is the primary thing that attracted me to Jabian. I knew I had made the right decision in my first month when I sent a few emails on the weekend and my lead called on Monday to find out if anything was wrong. He wanted to know if they had misestimated the work and how he could help!

Q: What keeps you at Jabian?

A: Our people are what keep me at Jabian. I’ve worked around lots of smart people before but here they genuinely want to help you be successful regardless of level. While we obviously help each other deliver high quality for our clients, we step up to support each other in reaching personal and community goals as well.

I primarily came to Jabian for better work life balance as the hours had become completely unmanageable at my previous job. I stay for the continued balance and supportive family atmosphere. Now that I have a better work-life balance, I’m more involved than ever in community activities which mean a great deal to me. I really value that the firm is serious about the community and doesn’t just throw some money at things.