January 23, 2013 – Atlanta, Georgia – Jabian Cares, Jabian Consulting’s employee-funded charitable organization, is a continual supporter and proud sponsor of Georgia PKU Connect, an organization whose mission is to provide families and individuals with the support and resources needed to manage PKU – a rare genetic metabolic disorder.  Individuals with PKU must adhere to a very restrictive and carefully managed diet to avoid severe neurological damage.

Jabian Executive Director Fred Jewell, board member of both Georgia PKU Connect and Jabian Cares, is instrumental in directing Jabian support for the organization. Saturday, January 19, Jabian Consulting hosted the Georgia PKU Connect Annual Board and Strategic Planning Meeting, in the Atlanta office.

“It’s exciting to see how much Georgia PKU Connect has grown over the past few years, both in advocacy at the national level and in support of families living with PKU in Georgia. Jabian is proud to support such a great board, organization and cause,” says Jewell.

To learn more about Georgia PKU Connect, visit http://www.georgiapku.org/.