Great minds never think alike. That’s why we like to put them all in the same room.

It’s called an Innovation Council. And there’s nothing like it.

We bring together a group of our brightest minds, put them in a room, and charge them with the task of devising innovative ways to improve your business. The ideas can lead to massive, enterprise-wide changes or they can be simple, practical insights to help you do your job better. We think outside the box, inside the box, and without any box. It doesn’t matter where the ideas come from. What matters is that our team comes up with genuine innovations that advance your interests, not ours.

The sessions are always held off the clock, on our own dime.

We’re so focused on doing what’s best for you that we don’t even charge for our Innovation Council sessions. Often the ideas that emerge are completely outside the scope of any engagement we might have with you. For us, it’s a fun way to challenge ourselves to be more creative and think differently about our clients and their opportunities.

So what kind of innovations have been brought to the table?

Past Innovation Councils have generated ideas for everything from new social media applications…to new ways to use mobile technology…to new revenue models. Not every idea will see the light of day, but many of our clients have implemented innovations that had a significant impact on their business.

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“The analyst skills are keen and thorough, the presentation skills are top notch, plus the work ethic was great, very accommodating.”

Automotive Reseller Company

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