We live and work in the same city.

It may be unusual for a firm like ours, but it means we work better, really know our clients, and get to enjoy our local communities on the weekdays.

Our clients also like the added accountability of knowing they’ll see us around town in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Dallas – from baseball games to charity and business events – long after their project has finished. We’re always here to help when an urgent need pops up.

Why it matters that we’re local:

  1. We understand the community and culture – because it’s ours
  2. We don’t have to catch a flight at 5:00pm this Thursday – we’re already home
  3. Our reputation in town matters – because it’s where we live
  4. We’re involved – we have strong ties to local business and charitable organizations
  5. We’re a tighter team – mentoring and accountability are a little more real when your direct report isn’t working ten time zones away


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“If Georgia is to attract and retain technology leaders in this challenging and competitive global 21st century, we need industry leaders like Jabian Consulting.”

Sig Mosley
Imlay Investments
2008 Georgia Technology Hall of Fame recipient

“Jabian is a place with very friendly people that are interested in growing themselves and collaborating to solve clients’ problems.  It’s a family-friendly and family-like environment, with people who want to achieve great things.”

Jabian Employee Survey

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