Customer-Focused Insights and Strategic Planning

The Client:

The client was a long-standing player in the consumer credit reporting industry. They provide information on 800 million+ consumers and 88 million+ businesses worldwide. Jabian partnered with the client’s Automotive Vertical team, which provides credit and additional solutions to dealers, lenders, and technology partners in their business.

The Challenge:

The automotive team wanted to explore new opportunities to service dealers, lenders, technology partners, and consumers. They sought a partner to uncover customer needs for each customer type and to define and evaluate opportunities that would enable the Auto Vertical to reach its growth targets. The client’s focus was on the identification of actionable opportunities within 12-24 months.

The Strategy:

The team leveraged Jabian’s Customer Insight and Strategic Planning methodologies to develop a prioritized list of actionable opportunities by:

  • Conducting customer interviews with 21 dealers, lenders, and tech companies to identify overall needs as well as needs specific to each customer type
  • Interviewing internal business leaders outside and inside of automotive to understand what capabilities were currently available that could meet the identified customer needs
  • Comparing the current customer needs capabilities to identify opportunities to both leverage existing capabilities and strengthen future capabilities
  • Grouping the detailed opportunities into overarching themes for presentation to client leaders
  • Prioritizing the opportunities using scoring by client leaders across value, cost, and risk

Customer Journey Map

Opportunity Analysis

The Outcome:

As a result of Jabian’s efforts, the Automotive Vertical team received ten detailed opportunities as recommendations to achieve their 12-month strategic priorities. The client selected one of the top three prioritized opportunities to pursue as a follow-on project. The project is expected to deliver a solution for the client to serve a gap in the marketplace.