Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Jabian

Jabian has clearly articulated Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) objectives to foster an inclusive culture, attract and develop diverse talent, and nurture and seek diverse representation in leadership.

“We believe that an inclusive workplace and a diverse workforce play a key role in advancing our purpose, vision, and guiding principles.”

Our Initiatives

Inside Jabian
Discussion Series

Jabian regularly hosts discussions with guest speakers on topics of DEI. These discussions, both virtual and in-person, are available to all Jabian employees, and sometimes family members and clients, as well. Their purpose is to foster courageous conversations amongst our team members so that we can learn and grow together.

Topics Include:

Racial inequality, systemic racism, and privilege

Talking to family members and children about racism and social justice

Gender identity and expression


Sharing advice for women on providing and receiving professional support

The intersection of race, class, and sexuality in COVID-19 health disparities

The role of authenticity in the workplace

Employee Resource Groups and Guides

Jabian proudly supports several employee resource groups:

Jabian Women’s Affinity Group

The purpose of JWAG is to raise awareness and educate on how to navigate and promote gender diversity for all colleagues while ensuring our female colleagues’ voices are heard and needs are met to let their whole selves flourish in our Jabian ecosystem. We also work with the other Jabian ERGs to create a community of inclusivity and promote equitable work/life environments.
Jennifer Higgins
Victoria Inman Headshot

Jabian Black Employee Network

The purpose of JBEN is to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion at Jabian by driving awareness and understanding of the Black experience, celebrating notable Black accomplishments, and championing efforts to increase the Black presence.

Mykal Fraser Headshot

JBEN Leader
Mykal Fraser

Jabian Equality Team

The purpose of JET is to facilitate a nurturing, vibrant, and inclusive work experience for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies. It is our goal to create space for our LGBTQIA+ employees to be authentic, empowered, valued, and respected. We also provide opportunities for all Jabian employees to be supportive and caring allies for LGBTQIA+ members of our broader communities through education and engagement. We work closely with our other DEI ERGs to drive intersectionality within and outside of Jabian.

JET Leader
Alex Daly


Nuestro is Jabian’s Latin/Hispanic Employee Resource Group. It strives to strengthen and support both Latin/Hispanics at Jabian and Jabian-at-large by driving inclusion efforts, building professional networks, uplifting the Latin/Hispanic community through targeted outreach opportunities, and supporting the recruitment, retention, and development of Latin/Hispanics at Jabian.
Nicole Rife
Nicole Rife

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition

The purpose of APIC at Jabian is to promote a culture of belonging for our AAPI colleagues and allies at Jabian by sharing and celebrating the diverse cultures of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander people. We provide a safe forum for open dialogue and connect with AAPI leaders in our local communities. We collaborate across Jabian’s internal communities to promote inclusivity and encourage diverse representation at all levels within Jabian.

Sean Gold

Employee Resource Guides

Jabian’s groups regularly share employee-sourced resource lists of books, podcasts, and other media shared with our networks for our continued learning on the topics of race, equality, social justice, and LGBTQIA+ rights. The groups also form book circles to create a conversation around DEI topics.

Social Justice + Race + Equality

Director Erin Smith Provides Advice for Assessing a Company’s Female Diversity for Vault.com


Jabian Cares, our employee-led 501c3, is excited to commemorate the firm’s 15 year anniversary in 2021 through Project Amplify – a micro-grant program that supports nonprofits that encourage, enable, and position women and under-represented entrepreneurs for success.

Jabian Cares works with our DEI team to regularly make donations and support social justice organizations across our offices. To date, we have made contributions to:

Southern Center for Human Rights
Chicago Urban League
Project Unity

ATL Action for Racial Equity Initiative

Jabian is a proud participant in the ATL Action for Racial Equity Initiative, an effort that will accelerate racial equity by leveraging the size and scale of our business community, and the power of collective impact. Together we will find solutions that generate meaningful change, dismantle systemic racism, and make our community – and world – a better place.



Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Converge Diversity & Inclusion Award

Inclusion Innovator of the Year Small & Mid-Market 2020

Corporate Volunteer Council’s Impact Spotlight

Corporate and Anti-Racism Spotlight 2020

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