Operational Excellence

Business Intelligence & Information Management

To effectively develop and execute a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy and roadmap, we firmly believe it is imperative to understand the critical business processes and their underlying information assets before defining forward-looking BI capabilities – people, process, and technology.

Business must always come before Technology.

Jabian will help you strengthen your capabilities across the Business Intelligence &Information Management landscape by asking these four key questions:

Business Engagement

What information is most important for enabling your business goals and how do you support that from a business perspective?

Data Governance

How do you ensure that your business data standards, policies, and processes are managed properly and what processes are used to support that?

Information Delivery & Analytics

How do we deliver data to the end-users in a manner that drives insights and informs business decisions?

Data Integration & Management

How do you best use technology to support sourcing, integration, and management of data to achieve your desired business outcomes?

Jabian Business Intelligence & Information Management utilizes information to enable efficient investment of business and technical resources (i.e., people, cost, time). It is flexible and can be tailored to any organizational structure (Marketing, Operations, Sales, IT, HR, Finance, etc.) and can be scaled to fit any size of organization.

A key differentiator between average and superior Business Intelligence is determined by a company’s ability to clearly understand, define, and communicate the context of what information is most relevant for driving your business and how that data should be managed and used.

Jabian helps you do that.