Customer Engagement

Customer Experience

Defining a world-class Customer Experience (CX) requires a combination of art and science. Jabian uses a methodical approach in both defining the experience and guiding a complex organization to mobilize the delivery of that experience. Our transformational efforts to improve CX include assessing the current state, defining the future state, and creating an actionable roadmap.

Understanding customer relationships and managing the customer experience has never been more critical for business success. 

Assess Current Experience: Developing a customer-centric strategy requires gathering new and existing data to evaluate current performance on key metrics and provide specific research-based guidance. Today’s customers’ needs and desires are expressed through Personas to identify unfulfilled expectations across the experience. It is equally important to have a complete view of the current internal business capabilities delivered today, how they enable the strategy, business drivers, functions, technology platforms, and channels that deliver the capabilities.

Define Desired Experience: The ideal desired state Customer Journey can be created and aligned to new goal-based Personas. Future state capabilities – both from a process, people, and technology perspective – are defined. To ground the organization on priorities and track progress, it helps to create targeted Voice of the Customer metrics across the Customer Journey.

Develop Roadmap: Compiling a gap analysis catalog will drive the creation of initiatives that can be prioritized into a high-level implementation roadmap. To ensure goal-state metrics are tracked, an executive scorecard is created to summarize implementation progress and potentially adoption. Finally, a change management approach is defined to drive awareness and successful adoption through-out the organization.