Operational Excellence

Project, Program, & Portfolio Management

Effective Project, Program, and Portfolio management (P3M) provides the crucial framework for any organization’s success. Applying the right mix of strategic planning and tactical focus is key to avoiding failure. Jabian’s rich understanding of the challenges organizations face with project delivery allows us to provide informed guidance on how to overcome them.

Statistics On Failure


of business professionals admit they’re unclear on the business objectives of their IT projects.


of projects are challenged (late, over budget, and/or with fewer than the required features and functions).


of projects fail (either canceled prior to completion or delivered and never used).

P3M Framework

Jabian believes that effective P3M requires a comprehensive and strategic approach to managing work within the organization. Our framework serves as the foundation to deliver P3M solutions based on our experience applying leading practices across a variety of industries.

How We Do It

P3M is Jabian’s unique way of helping clients manage some of the most common constraints associated with any project, program, or portfolio. We leverage our expertise managing these constraints to define a custom solution that meets your specific needs and challenges.
We’re not here to “check the box.” We are experienced professionals who guarantee that expertise, knowledge, and customization we bring to the table will help achieve the results your organization needs.

Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) and active members of PMI

Consistent track record of success in the management of business-critical projects

Extensive experience creating value and excellence with a results-driven approach

Focus on clients, results, and being a trusted partner