Jabian Assesses & Designs the PMO Organizational Structure to Best Support the IT Strategy

The Client:

With the business spanning 100 countries and $2B+ in annual revenue, this client is a global leader in the hospitality industry. For the organization design, Jabian interfaced with the client’s IT PMO. Its primary responsibility is to support the global IT delivery model. Enabling successful project delivery and increasing the transparency of project strategic alignment and value to the leadership team and the greater IT community are key components for successful portfolio management.

The Challenge:

The PMO was not organized and/or funded in a manner that was conducive to providing quality support for the IT delivery model. Additionally, the PMO did not have clear lines of responsibility, and it was only funded to support an organization half the size of its current state. The challenge was to design an organization that had the necessary resources and funding to support the continuing global technology journey by enhancing the transparency of project delivery, adding industry best practices, and aligning them with the IHG organization and culture.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of change management and portfolio management experts led the effort with the client. Jabian performed an independent assessment of the current organizational design, as requested, prior to collaborating with the key IT stakeholders and PMO leadership. After defining an approach and initial proposal for the design, Jabian finalized the design by collaborating with the PMO to:

  • Engage key IT stakeholders to understand pain points and further support required
  • Attain buy-in to the PMO functional model
  • Create a structure that enables optimal support for the technology community
  • Update role descriptions to clearly delineate work across the PMO

The Outcome:

As a result of our efforts, the PMO has a clear vision and path to create an effective support organization for the technology organization. The outcomes of the assessment and design were a new organizational structure and additional funding to support the technology PMO. This, in turn, positions them to effectively prioritize, manage, and deliver the highest value to their business constituents.

PMO Functional Model

Proposed Organization Structure