People Strategies


Our Engagement Framework is foundational to Jabian’s Human Capital Management offerings. The framework defines the drivers of engagement and the levers we can pull to influence those drivers. It applies to individuals, teams, and organizations and informs decision-making when working with change, culture, leadership, learning, organization design, and virtually anything focused on people.

Engagement Framework

At the center of our framework is engagement, which relates to overall productivity, energy, happiness, and satisfaction of a workforce. As people are motivated by many different things, our framework identifies the six fundamental drivers that influence engagement. 

These six Drivers are: Growth, Relationships, Autonomy, Security, Fairness, and Well-Being. Examining each of the Drivers provides important insights on motivation and resistance that help us manage through a change, shift our culture, or develop better leaders.

These drivers are outcomes of our experience, so we can’t directly touch the Drivers. We can, however, pull a variety of Levers to influence one or many of them. The Engagement Levers are: Alignment, Implementation, and Governance.

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal, and ultimately take accountability for the bottom line.

It’s all about people. Employees want more than a paycheck. They want to find meaning in the work they do. They want to be connected to people and organizations they work with. They want leaders who understand. In other words, they want to be engaged.