Jabian Enables Company Growth & Collaboration Through Development of Leadership Academy

The Client:

As the nation’s largest provider of pediatric home healthcare, this client has over 200 offices and several thousand employees and caregivers around the country. When Jabian was brought in, the client had recently engaged in heavy M&A activity and growth, leading to a disjointed culture and lack of clarity around role definition and style. Our primary client needed to bring leadership together under a common purpose, align their roles and expectations, and begin a cultural alignment from the top.

The Challenge:

Due to continued, fast-paced acquisitions, field management across the company identified themselves with their legacy companies, roles, and culture. There was a lack of understanding around expectations and identity for both management and their teams, causing disjointedness and unrest in the field. To change this, it was determined that the 200+ employees in Area and Branch leadership would team to complete a development course. This course would help them better understand company principles, self-leadership, and how to lead teams.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of Human Capital Management experts came in to develop the detailed material and training for the Leadership Academy. Working alongside key stakeholders, three-plus days of material was created to transform the way field managers interact, understand their roles, lead their teams, and develop their leadership skills.

The Leadership Academy was built to:

  • Address gaps for field management and the company, which were determined through a needs assessment with key stakeholders
  • Create a foundation for the client’s new way of working (after several mergers & acquisitions) by building key competencies for leaders and understanding leadership roles at the larger company
  • Take management through modules focused on developing self-leadership and team leadership skills, applicable for enabling their branches on the ground
  • Inspire leaders to grow and develop their branches

Needs Assessment

The Outcome:

Through Jabian’s work with the client, over 200 leaders are experiencing the Leadership Academy. They leave better prepared to represent their company, develop themselves, and lead their teams. In turn, this has enabled them to increase collaboration across their branches, improve company unity, and increase overall employee satisfaction with the changes and direction of the company.

Leadership Training & Facilitation