Operational Excellence

Business & Process Analysis

To Jabian, business and process analysis is much more than just writing requirements. It’s the fundamental way that we approach our client’s biggest challenges. Our Business & Process Analysis (BPA) Methodology ensures strategic objectives are analyzed to determine impacts and alignment to all aspects of the business, using a framework and principle-based approach that can easily flex for use in agile, traditional, or mixed methodology environments.

Make business process the foundation for everything.

Our differentiator is making business process the foundation for everything because we believe that good business analysis rests upon a foundation of business processes. The core work involved with good business analysis occurs during process analysis, enabling requirements or agile stories to be natural by-products of that work.

We follow three fundamental steps with accompanying artifacts to ensure business needs are captured and modeled accurately and completely:


1) Scope impacted business areas using process frameworks and documenting business scenarios (analogous to user stories) to understand the breadth of the change.

2) Draw process models depicting each documented business scenario in a visual, relational context.

3) Write business requirements describing functionality needed to enable the desired-state process models, or acceptance criteria for user stories in an agile environment.


Many organizations are seeking to transition from traditional to agile delivery methods. BPA artifacts align well with the agile progression of refining big ideas into manageable chunks of work, making it a suitable bridge methodology for organizations planning for, and in the process of an agile transformation. BPA’s common reference models are helpful in creating understanding and alignment in bi-modal or mixed-methodology environments.

While BPA is effective in standalone projects, it truly shines in its ability to raise an organization’s capability to plan and track business analysis progress and reuse analysis artifacts. Our detailed approach has key benefits to the execution and results proven for our clients, helping them better organize and prioritize efforts at the team, program, and portfolio levels.