Jabian Helps Healthcare IT Provider Define & Document Baseline Business Requirements

The Client:

An established Healthcare IT company went through an acquisition and gained a new tool. The client needed assistance transferring tribal knowledge of the tool’s functionality to a reusable and consumable format for use by multiple resource groups.

The Challenge:

The client’s product implementations were set against aggressive deadlines to meet client needs, and system documentation and knowledge-sharing had not been prioritized. The client was growing; both in terms of internal resources and client numbers. They needed a baseline of tool functionality to be documented and shared as future enhancement projects began.

The client also needed to enhance delivery efficiencies as they grew. So, we also teamed with them to analyze their current state of Agile processes and tool use to figure out where improvements could be made.

The Strategy:

The Jabian team executed our Business & Process Analysis methodology to define and create a set of requirements documents and evaluate current state processes to identify potential improvement opportunities. The team completed the project by:

  • Facilitating stakeholder sessions to gather and document major business process areas and segments, business scenarios, process flows, and business requirements to establish baseline business needs
  • Capturing future-state requirements and major system enhancements as identified by stakeholders
  • Analyzing current-state Agile requirements, management processes, and recommending best practices to enhance both requirements management and overall Agile processes

Business Process Framework

Agile Process Recommendations

The Outcome:

As a result of Jabian’s work, the client has a set of documentation that summarizes the major business needs met by the acquired tool. This documentation is now stored in a central location accessible by multiple resource groups and stakeholders as a self-serving knowledge base. This, in turn, frees up SME time to focus on strategic work. The client is using an action plan to improve Agile delivery processes for future implementations; increasing efficiencies and stakeholder satisfaction.