IT Strategy

IT Strategy & Planning

An IT Strategy will help answer the following questions:

Do we effectively and successfully plan, manage and deliver IT solutions?

Can our strategy support current and future Business needs?

Is our technology environment properly managed, maintained, secured, able to support the clients, and is it cost effective?

Are we making the right technology investments?

Do we measure the value created by our technology investments?

How do we provide a better customer experience to our internal and external customers?

An IT Strategy sets the vision for the IT organization and ensures everyone is moving in the same direction.

Jabian’s methodology and frameworks help organizations define an IT vision and roadmap that aligns to and enables Business Strategy.

What is the Business justification for existing?

  • Understand Business Strategy
  • Capture the Voice of the Customer (Internal and External)
  • Identify biggest opportunities to enable the business
  • Develop IT Mission / Vision and IT Guiding Principles that align to the Business Strategy and provide key directional statements for IT to follow

How well are we addressing Business needs?

  • Review the business with a process lens to identify areas that would benefit from technology investment
  • Assess IT’s capabilities and maturity of the IT organization
  • Develop an application and infrastructure view of the organization’s technology architecture
  • Assess balance of capabilities and technology investments (spend analysis)
  • Identify gaps

How do we prioritize and close gaps?

  • Develop strategic initiatives for closing capability gaps
  • Assess business value and estimate effort / cost for strategic initiatives
  • Prioritize initiatives based on value and estimates
  • Develop IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap to close capability gaps
  • Socialize the IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap

Our IT Assessment approach covers three dimensions to provide a holistic view of capabilities across IT:


Business Processes

We develop a Business Process Landscape to provide a single-page depiction of the organization’s high-level business processes. This process view of the organization identifies areas that would benefit from technology investment and serves as the justification for technology.


IT Capabilities

We use our proprietary Jabian IT Capabilities Landscape as a structure to assess the capabilities and maturity of the IT organization, including IT functions and roles / responsibilities.


IT Solutions

We develop an application and infrastructure view of the organization’s technology solutions to assess the current state technology architecture and determine if it optimally supports business processes.

The Jabian Difference


believe in a conscious decision to define the vision of IT in serving the Business.

have a holistic view of IT capabilities that helps CIO’s ‘chalk the field.

assess and communicate Business value of roadmap initiatives to justify the IT Strategy.

believe IT should be run like a business (e.g. goals, standards, measures, products, improvements).

believe companies need partners who can both strategize and deliver.