Jabian Assesses Organization & Delivers Roadmap to Capability Enhancement & Process Maturity

The Client:

The largest wholesale distributor of consumer products in their industry. At twice the size of their nearest competitor with about $3.5B in annual revenue, they manage a network of over 100 distribution centers.

The Challenge:

The client had consistently grown revenues at a rate of nearly 11 percent year over year between 2001 and 2012. To keep up with the growing product and service offerings of the business, their technology department had grown to nearly 100 resources and was heavily dependent upon third-party vendors. With multiple large acquisitions in the pipeline and a recent exit of their CIO, the client’s CFO reached out to Jabian to objectively assess the technology department’s capabilities and processes and help write the job description for the next CIO.

The Strategy:

Using our proprietary CIO Framework to structure the assessment, Jabian interviewed IT leaders, Business Unit leaders, and third-party vendors to:

  • Define guiding principles for the technology department specific to the industry and business strategy of the organization
  • Assess each technology department’s capability within the CIO Framework
  • Identify, score, and prioritize capability gaps
  • Create IT organization options and a technology strategy implementation roadmap

CIO Framework

Technology Strategy Implementation Roadmap

The Outcome:

As a result of the project, the organization hired a CIO externally. He began to implement several initiatives on the delivered roadmap and made organization realignments to more efficiently run their technology department and enhance its capabilities.