Jabian Facilitates an Enterprise-Wide Post Acquisition Integration Management Office

The Client:

The client is a national information technology infrastructure solutions provider serving customers around the world. The client’s portfolio of offerings includes colocation, cloud, connectivity, and compliance services. After a recent acquisition, the company doubled in size to over 1,000 employees, 4,000 customers, and 40 locations. During the engagement, the Jabian team managed the enterprise-wide Integration Management Office (IMO), reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

The Challenge:

The client recently acquired one of its biggest competitors to form one of the largest providers in the U.S. market. As part of the merger, the client needed to strategically integrate the two companies’ organizations and capabilities to emerge as a market leader serving a diverse customer base coast-to-coast. The client engaged Jabian to facilitate the Integration Management Office to coordinate cross-functional projects, provide leadership updates, and provide strategic guidance in reaching key strategic objectives during the integration.

The Strategy:

Jabian leveraged our Value and Integration Management Office (VIMO), Program Management (P3M), and Change Management frameworks to facilitate the cross-functional execution of key integration projects through:

  • A rigorous cadence of cross-functional touchpoints that ensured collaboration, timely decision-making, and issue resolution across ten functional task forces
  • Standard templates and thoughtful meeting agendas that drove efficient reporting and effective decisions
  • An executive dashboard that enabled transparency on the issues, risks, cross-functional dependencies, and progress towards key deliverable milestones and integration value
  • Consistent communication and change management activities across the task forces
  • Executive updates that kept the Board of Directors updated and engaged throughout the integration effort

The Outcome:

The IMO governance structure and processes allowed the client to embark on a massive integration effort that enabled:

  • Substantial re-branding campaign under a new corporate name within three months
  • Major policy and process alignment during the first six months
  • Completion of all major non-ERP system integration efforts within the first 15 months

The process was aligned to value and executed with transparency and full support of the Board of Directors.

Organizational Design Structure

Reporting Cadence Structure

Enterprise Deliverable Structure