Jabian Defines Business Intelligence Strategy After Acquisition

The Client:

A large digital media company for the automotive industry that provides industry insight solutions to both dealers and companies in the United States.

The Challenge:

Our client acquired another related company and was seeking to integrate product and sales reporting and analytics into its existing dashboards. Product and Sales teams had inconsistent definitions for how product and sales metrics should be calculated and reported. As new Business Intelligence related projects were being started, there was a lack of discipline and governance in aligning analysis and reporting capabilities to a common approach. Business and IT team members had a hard time agreeing on what was needed, and how to deliver the BI insights and reports requested.

The Strategy:

In order to effectively integrate the two companies, Jabian closed several gaps among our client’s business stakeholders and IT developers that historically delivered Business Intelligence solutions that did not meet business needs effectively. The team achieved this goal by analyzing each organization’s business processes to identify measures and metrics that established a traceable link between their Decision-Making Process and their Business Process. This was achieved by:

  • Gathering BI requirements through decision-making process analysis and business process analysis
  • Defining standard metric definitions and processes to increase the consistency and reuse of BI ETL and presentation across product lines and user groups
  • Developing an enterprise metrics framework based on business processes to standardize measures and metrics across both organizations
  • Translating business requirements into very specific data and system-level requirements that precisely defined how report values and analysis relationships were to be supported across the ETL and presentation layers of the BI platform

Business Analysis for BI Methodology

Metrics, Measures, and Report Traceability Matrix

The Outcome:

As a result of our efforts, the project team was able to implement a reusable BI Metrics and Analytics framework and definition workbook that was used to assess and document BI changes as new projects got launched. Several of the more detailed web-tagging, data mart, and reporting mock-ups and designs were also used to continue to drive BI consistency across product lines.