Business Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

More than 45% of mergers and acquisitions done for scale, and more than 70% done for scope, end up failing to return intended value. The Jabian Value & Integration Management Office™ (VIMO) methodology provides a practical framework to support each of the core integration capabilities while maintaining a focus on visibility and accountability to the strategic goals of the acquisition throughout the post-merger process.

Our approach allows companies to leverage maximum value from M&A activity, ensuring the best possible outcomes from the deal.

The VIMO™ framework contains the core capabilities for a successful integration.

VIMO Framework

Jabian’s VIMO™ approach ensures the necessary tactical components of the integration are addressed while keeping stakeholders accountable for value alignment throughout the post-merger process. 

Companies utilize the VIMO™ framework as an overarching model that provides organizational and operational structure to an often ambiguous and complex undertaking. The core components of the framework also drive the strategic and tactical planning for the integration.