Customer Engagement

Customer Relationship Management

Companies want to win the business of new customers and create more engaging relationships with existing customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that supports a company’s ability to build greater, more profitable customer relationships. Jabian works with senior clients to help define, design, and unleash the CRM tool.

CRM is about more than a technology application.

Our clients tell us they work with Jabian on CRM initiatives for a few good reasons:

1. We strive to deeply understand the growth goals of the organization. An approach to increasing share-of-wallet looks much different than an approach to improved new customer acquisition.

2. We take a holistic approach to defining the growth needs of the business – understanding the customer journey, the goals of Sales / Marketing / Servicing, applying cross-industry best practices, etc.

3. We distill the new customer engagement experience into a manageable set of capabilities, that can be scored and roadmapped for their growth potential.

4. We are an agnostic third party who helps select the best technology solution for our clients.

5. We help companies plan and implement the solution beyond just the tool itself – from redesigning the process of how companies interact with customers, to defining the people changes and adoption strategies.

We view Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a solution involving people, process, and technology that empowers an organization to achieve exponential growth.  Jabian is a valued partner for our clients from design through implementation.