Technology Enablement

Leveraging the best technology relies on mastering the skills needed to make it perform.







Jabian’s Strategic Approach

Realize the full value of your technology investments.

A successful technology enablement program is dependent on three pillars that lead to value realization – Delivery Excellence, User Adoption, and Business Alignment. Neglecting any one of these pillars can lead to project failure, wasted resources, or solutions that do not meet the needs of the organization. Together, these pillars provide a comprehensive framework for successful technology implementation and utilization.

Deliver Excellence
Efficient project delivery within scope, budget, and quality standards, with effective resource and risk management.
Business Alignment
Business alignment integrates technology with strategic goals to support core operations and drive competitive growth through IT-business collaboration.
User Adoption
User adoption measures the successful integration of a solution by its frequency and effectiveness in users’ daily tasks.
Value Realization
The culmination of a properly executed Technology Enablement program resulting in achieved or exceeded expected value across the business.

Jabian’s Framework for Value Creation

The Technology Enablement Framework is a comprehensive approach to integrating technology solutions within an organization, encompassing five key stages: Strategy & Planning, where objectives and goals are defined; Solution Design, focusing on creating the technical blueprint; Vendor Selection, involving choosing the right technology providers; Deployment and Adoption, which covers the implementation and user onboarding process; and the Value stage, dedicated to assessing the impact and ROI of the technology implemented.

Strategy and Planning

This stage focuses on defining objectives and goals, creating a business case, defining and establishing an operating model, and outlining the change management program.

Solution Design

In this stage we map out how to bring the strategy to life, creating processes, defining requirements, and establishing data governance.

Vendor Selection

Here we evaluate and select the best vendor partner to bring the strategy to life and assist with contract performance assurances to confirm deliverables are met.


This stage includes the actual implementation of the technology solution and the accompanying program management, testing, demand management, and onboarding of the team.

Adoption and Value

This stage is where we track performance against metrics and assure ROI based on proper change management and adoption.

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