Business Strategy

Business Insights & Analytics

Business Insights & Analytics (BIA) is a key tool for helping leaders understand the root cause of a problem their business is facing.

Using data to guide decision-making requires understanding context and objectives, combined with relevant analytics.

To provide flexible and holistic recommendations, we leverage a combination of scientific, analytical, and statistical approaches. Using this hypothesis-based approach, we break down each step into clear sub-components that provide a detailed analysis with robust mathematical data modeling to develop solutions and consider future scenarios.

Our approach addresses three key areas:

Manage Growth

Encourage growth by informing long-term strategy and decisions


Are you making the right mix of capital investments?


What kind of customers are most likely to respond to targeted sales?

Improve Performance

Enable organizational change and develop improved processes


What parts of my order processing are causing delays?


Are my incentive plans targeted appropriately?

Resolve Uncertainty

Equip people to effect change by reconciling data and internal discrepancies


Why is my customer attrition increasing?


Do we need to be concerned about a new competitor in our market?

Some solutions require well-designed strategic KPIs. Others may call for operational dashboards. Regardless of the need, Jabian’s analysts are experienced with BI platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI, and Google Data Studio, as well as more targeted technologies such as GIS, or powerful analytics tools such as R.