Client Retention Geospatial Analytics Dashboard

The Client:

This $15B client is an American Fortune 500 utility company. For this engagement, Jabian partnered with the Growth and Retention Team to identify and drive a data-driven customer engagement strategy.

The Challenge:

The client was concerned about end-user engagement and did not have a comprehensive strategy to improve it. To acquire and retain customers, they needed a more holistic approach, likely informed by existing internal consumption data across a range of business functions. This strategy would need to be actionable, informing their tactical decisions and budget requests.

The Strategy:

To address the challenge of client retention, Jabian paired customer experience and business insights & analytics experts with the client to create a set of engagement strategies to drive growth. These strategies helped identify a set of internal and external datasets that would help the client drive revenue through customer insights by shifting from reactive to proactive engagement.

Using geospatial analysis, the team joined client data with built-environment, demographic, and socioeconomic data. Through iterative development and feedback, Jabian developed the geospatial analysis into an interactive, customer-retention analytics dashboard. 

Customer Engagement Strategy

Customer Retention Analytics & Dashboard

The Outcome:

By bringing together experts in customer experience and data visualization and analytics, Jabian developed a targeted customer engagement strategy coupled with a geospatial analysis and an interactive dashboard to make data-driven retention and acquisition decisions to ultimately drive revenue growth.