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What makes businesses successful? Our podcast features discussions with business leaders across management, strategy, technology, marketing, and human capital that explore what successful companies are doing to stay on top.

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Podcast Episodes

Diversity & Inclusion

Featuring: Amber Baird, Winston Powe, and Erin Smith

How diversity and inclusion practices can raise employee engagement and the bottom line.

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Making Personality Profiles Work in Your Organization

Featuring: Bill Jagrowski

This episode is all about personality profiles, specifically the DISC profile system, and how leaders can help their teams recognize and work within profiles for better communication, efficiency, and teamwork. Our guest is Bill Jagrowski, Jabian Consulting’s current chief operating officer and longtime management consultant.

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The People Side of Business Transformation

Featuring: Fred Jewell and Tracy Reznik

Today we’re talking about the people side of business transformation, which is the cornerstone of any successful transformation effort. To discuss what works and what doesn’t, we’re joined by Fred Jewell, senior strategic advisor at Jabian Consulting, and author of the people strategies book “We Can’t Do It Alone.” We’re also joined by Tracy Reznik, director and human capital lead at Jabian Consulting.

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What Is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

Featuring: Steven Lubel and Callie Wheatley

In this episode, we discuss customer experiences and specifically, an omnichannel approach to CX. We’ll discuss what it is, how it’s different than omnichannel marketing, and how companies can put it into practice for improved results. We’re joined today by Callie Wheatley and Steven Lubel, both management consultants with Jabian Consulting.

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Robotic Process Automation

Featuring: Will Funderburg and Jed Manfull

This episode is all about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and what it is, how it’s useful and some best practices for companies looking to implement it. Our guests are Will Funderburg, a director at Jabian Consulting’s Charlotte office, and Jed Manfull, a manager with Jabian, also in Charlotte.

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Business Transformation Best Practices Explained

Featuring: Gokhan Guley

This episode is everything you wanted to ask about business transformation, which on the surface can sound like an overwhelming effort, but it doesn’t have to mean worldwide scale change. To help us understand it better, we’re speaking with Gokhan Guley, a director at Jabian Consulting’s Charlotte office and an expert on business transformation strategies.

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