Business Strategy

Product Management

Jabian’s Product Management Methodology is a comprehensive approach that defines and delivers products that hit the mark with your customers while efficiently meeting your strategic business objectives. Additional benefits of a mature Product Management discipline include efficient and effective product delivery, quantified product features mapped to customer value, and product management that realizes ROI.

Effective Product Management enables organizations to innovate products and enhance their competitive advantage.

Business Functions

Our Product Management Methodology addresses the four major Product Management business functions:

1. Strategy: Gather market and customer insights to then define product objectives realized through product innovation. Set direction of the capability roadmap based on business strategy, market, and customer needs.

2. Development: Manage product scoping, planning, prioritization, and preparedness for product delivery.

3. Operations: Introduce the product into the marketplace and manage prioritization of product enhancements throughout the remainder of the product lifecycle.

4. Portfolio Management: Manage a portfolio of products through ongoing analysis of product performance, prioritizing efforts between products within the portfolio, reviewing new product ideas, and ensuring financial and human capital resources are properly aligned to products. Governance efforts exist throughout the product lifecycle to ensure the product(s)/portfolios are aligned and moving toward the strategic objectives.

Jabian Product Management Methodology
Jabian’s Product Management Methodology is an ongoing cyclical process, because product management efforts should be strong enough to deliver quality products to the marketplace and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the market and customer.

The Jabian Difference

We define the “Why” before the “How”

Innovation is key

Holistic Approach

Actionable Outputs

Repeatable processes

Tracking & Forecasting