Business Strategy

Operating Model Strategy

When organizations are struggling with unclear accountabilities, transparency of critical information, quality, or delivery issues, often gaps in their operating model are the root cause.


An Operating Model is defined by how different business units and functions interact to deliver value for the organization.

Revisiting your operating model strategy can help reduce costs, simplify processes, increase performance visibility, enhance customer and employee experiences, and align how an organization works together internally.
Jabian Operating Model Framework
Jabian’s Organization Design Framework outlines the concepts that must be considered to create a well-designed organization, which includes alignment of the roles, responsibilities, incentive structure, and interactions of its people and capabilities with its business context, goals, and culture. This alignment helps foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity.
Jabian Operating Model Process
Jabian applies a strategic approach to assessing and advancing an organization’s operating model, helping to transform the organization through people, process, and technology initiatives to generate and capture value.

We help clients define critical capabilities and clarify accountabilities between functions. Understanding the interactions between functions helps teams identify gaps in resources, skills, processes, and governance required to successfully deliver across an enterprise.