Jabian Transforms Operating Model to Focus on Capabilities

The Client:

With over 30,000 team members in 200 locations worldwide, the client has a portfolio of over 25 brands in the automotive industry. Jabian partnered with the client’s Product and Engineering leadership team who are responsible for delivering all products to market for their 25 brands.

The Challenge:

The client grew through acquisition which resulted in duplicate capabilities being developed across product and engineering teams. These teams were operating based on individual brands. Jabian was engaged to design an operating model that shifted focus from brands to capabilities that could be shared across brands.

The transformation goals included:

  • Improve enterprise wide thinking about customer journeys and how capabilities and products improve/enable the journey
  • Eliminate duplicate capability production to realize cost savings
  • Enhance customer experience through more cohesive product design
  • Integrate product and engineering teams to work across brands rather than on individual brands

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of product strategy, change management, and and operating model experts led the effort, working with the client’s senior Product and Engineering team.

To design the future-state operating model, the team applied the following approach:

  • Define elements critical to successfully operating a capability-based model including governance, core competencies, and roles and responsibilities
  • Outline a new role responsible for taking offerings to market in a capability-based model
  • Design and facilitate a change management exercise with 75+ client participants to simulate working in a capability-based operating model
  • Detail interaction model including guidelines for an “internal economy” attributing value back to capabilities to determine investment allocation

The Outcome:

Jabian guided the client’s transition from a product-based operating model to a cross-functional capability-focused model impacting a $1B P/L and 800+ member product delivery organization.

We provided:

  • Governance model
  • Core competency definition
  • Defined interaction model with roles and responsibilities
  • Guidelines for an internal economy
  • Better understanding of new ways of working and benefits for the Product and Engineering team