People Strategies

Culture Change

Having a leadership team that is smart, strategic, and able to execute are table stakes for running a great company. However, one of the biggest differentiators of great organizations is culture. Culture is made up of an organization’s purpose and values, along with an individual’s beliefs and leadership styles. Culture is reinforced through rituals, symbols, history, social norms, and behaviors.

Changing an organization’s culture is one of leadership’s most difficult and ambiguous challenges.

Jabian works with organizations to help define, clarify, or re-engineer its culture. We work with leadership and employees to answer the questions: why we do what we do, how we do what we do, and who is responsible for doing it.

Understanding the gap between the baseline culture and a clearly defined vision for the future culture will highlight the actions that leaders at all levels can take to make meaningful shifts to instill new ways of working and behaving. Critically, leaders demonstrating and reinforcing new behaviors will support a sustainable culture change.

Cultural Components