Jabian Helps New Company Define Culture, Values, & Communication Strategy

The Client:

The client provides technology solutions for United States public administration and public safety and justice organizations. They are a newly formed software company that emerged from an acquisition, with operations in North Carolina and Florida. Our client experienced a challenge in establishing itself and laying the foundation for successful growth. Jabian worked directly with the leadership team, interfacing primarily with the CEO, VP of HR, and VP of Marketing.

The Challenge:

As a newly formed company, this client needed help defining and articulating the values and culture of the organization they were building. They also needed help to develop a foundational communications strategy that they could use on an ongoing basis. In addition, they needed to develop and deliver specific tactical communications due to recent office closures and workforce reductions related to the post-acquisition strategy.

The Strategy:

The Jabian team worked directly with senior leadership to help them define the core values and behaviors they wanted their culture to embody. As a separate workstream, we also helped the client define their communications strategy, including guiding principles and key messages to ensure effective and consistent communications across the organization. To address immediate tactical communications needs, Jabian developed and helped the client employ a communications plan to address office closures and workforce reductions. To complete this work, our team:

  • Leverage the Jabian Engagement Framework to help the client define culture drivers, value statements, and key behaviors to build the desired culture
  • Assessed the current communications landscape and made recommendations to mature it. Key areas of focus included stakeholder analysis, communications vehicle analysis, and clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Defined a set of key messages and guiding principles to serve as the foundation for future communications

Culture and Value Statements

Culture Roadmap

The Outcome:

As a result, the client emerged with documented Values and Culture statements that defined who they were. They also executed supporting behaviors and initiatives to implement their desired culture in a systematic manner. The resulting Communications Strategy serves as the foundation for ongoing communication needs and has helped to improve employee engagement and foster open and well-informed dialog. Finally, they reinforced their culture with clear, intentional communication on sensitive topics.