Jabian Helps Financial Services Company Compete Nationally

The Client:

The client is a large financial institution serving a broad range of consumer, commercial, corporate, and institutional clients. The company operates an extensive branch and ATM network throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states and serves clients in select national markets. Its primary businesses include deposit, credit, and trust and investment management services.

The Challenge:

Our client’s organization recently adopted a new business model and received increased investment and focus from the overall company. Adoption of the new business model required significant changes to how the leaders and employees worked together, both from a process perspective and interpersonally.

Jabian’s challenge was to increase the collaboration, engagement, and effectiveness of the extended leadership team to maximize capabilities as they transitioned to the new way of doing business and serving clients. In addition, overall engagement scores, based on the company’s employee satisfaction survey were well below the enterprise average.

The Strategy:

The leaders did not operate in a way that recognized the need for them, their work, and their teams to be aligned to succeed. Acknowledgment of the importance of “leading differently” and getting to know one another better – professionally and personally – was key to increasing their individual leadership capabilities and competency. Through interviews, assessment, and observation, we assessed their overall leadership maturity and worked with all leaders to:

  • Document yearly business goals and understand how each person can affect the outcome of another’s goals
  • Created a shared goal to be incorporated into annual performance reviews and how to hold each other accountable to it
  • Enhance the leaders’ overall leadership capabilities and competency through increasing their level of self-awareness and realization of cross-dependencies of their goals
  • Develop and facilitate multiple leadership offsites and ongoing programming focusing on team effectiveness, managing others, and managing the business

Leadership Development Maturity Model

Leadership Development Roadmap

The Outcome:

The leadership development program enabled our client to appreciate the impact they bring to the new business model. Because of our efforts, the leaders worked together to accomplish their shared business goals, while adapting their own working styles to better interact with each other for maximized results. The leaders’ direct reports noticed a significant increase in the amount of collaboration and leadership once the leaders understood their own behaviors and motivations.

Specific results from the organization’s employee satisfaction survey included:

  • Overall engagement score increased to over the enterprise’s average
  • Executive leader’s score rose 16 percent
  • Employees went from 60 percent to 73 percent engaged in 18 months