Every single one of our employees participates in local charitable and professional organizations.

Our local communities have given us incredible opportunities and support. We’re grateful for this, and we’re committed to giving back. So we’ve made community involvement a stated priority for both our firm and the individuals in it.

Since we all live and work locally, we are engaged in a wide range of professional organizations and community service initiatives. We’ve even created our own charitable foundation, Jabian Cares.

For us, community involvement is not just something that we do on the side. It’s a vital aspect of who we are as a firm, and we have allocated both time and resources needed to make a real impact in the local market.

Our community activities are focused on two specific objectives:

  1. Help grow and promote the local business environment through our involvement in business and professional organizations.
    Learn more about our Professional Involvement
  2. Serve our community through charitable giving and hands-on involvement.
    Learn more about our Charitable Involvement

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