People Strategies

Organization Design

Organization design is about building a foundation that fosters collaboration, enables communication, builds strong relationships, and enhances productivity and agility.


Organization design is more than creating a structure of boxes connected by lines on a page.

Jabian’s approach starts with understanding your business strategy and goals. We then focus on gaining a deep understanding of the current state of the organization, from the internal interactions and styles of the existing team to how the organization interfaces with other teams and organizations.

From there, we identify opportunities for improvement. Functions are mapped to define performance and interactions are aligned among teams. Only then do we consider individual roles, reporting relationships, incentives and compensation, and the potential career path.

Any reorganization requires a thoughtful approach to change management, including the right leadership messaging and communications to keep the organization as productive as possible throughout the transition.


Jabian’s Organization Design Framework outlines the concepts that must be considered to create a well-designed organization, which includes alignment of the roles, responsibilities, incentive structure, and interactions of its people and capabilities with its business context, goals, and culture. This alignment helps foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity.