Strategic Community Engagement Dashboard

The Client:

This multibillion-dollar client is one of the largest asset managers in the world. Jabian partnered with operations and community engagement directors to develop a strategic framework and ongoing plan for meaningful impact in the community.

The Challenge:

The financial services company had recently opened a new office and desired to align its mission and interests with the local community through a strategic community engagement plan. The strategy needed to be good for the community, while also supporting the local employees and the bottom line of the business. They had gathered initial stakeholder feedback, but the information was in a variety of formats and not organized for analysis.

The Strategy:

The Jabian team combined strategic planning expertise, dashboard analytics skills, and our deep community engagement experience to develop a community engagement strategy that aligns their mission, vision, values, and employee interests with the local community. The team also created a compelling and user-friendly dashboard to monitor their strategy and impact. 

Through a series of workshops and working sessions, the team developed a strategic plan and identified, categorized, and completed weighted scoring of local organizations against the plan. They then developed impact metrics to measure the success of the community engagement plan. With this data, Jabian was able to build a simple relational database to link community causes and missions, client engagement activities, and impact metrics. 

Strategic Weighting & Scoring Model

Community Engagement Dashboard

The Outcome:

Through this engagement, the client was able to set a strategic community engagement plan that aligns with its mission and values. Additionally, the scoring framework allows for ongoing evaluation of engagement. The dashboard, with its searchable database of community organizations and seven unique views of community engagement activity and impact, provides a tool for continued strategic planning and engagement monitoring.