Jabian Develops Merger & Acquisition Playbook

The Client:

With over 30,000 team members in over 200 locations worldwide, the client has a portfolio of over 25 brands in the automotive industry. Jabian interfaced with the client’s Enterprise Architecture group which plays an integral part in the mergers and acquisition process from a technology perspective.

The Challenge:

The client has performed many mergers and acquisitions in the past with no set team and no standard procedures. Three years ago, the client analyzed their approach and developed a framework. However, the framework was not mandatory and therefore only selectively utilized. As the client approached its largest acquisition yet, the need for a clear and organized framework became apparent.

The Strategy:

Jabian worked with two members of the client Enterprise Architecture team to complete the work. They engaged leadership and team members across Business and Technology to build a Six-Step Merger & Acquisition Framework and perform a current state application analysis. The team performed the following activities to complete the work:

  • Researched existing frameworks and best practices around the M&A process
  • Reviewed previous M&A collateral and initiatives to identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Engaged leaders and SMEs in the Business and IT to understand pain points in their current M&A processes
  • Interviewed SMEs in the Business and IT to identify current state applications and desired future state standards
  • Built the framework and socialized it with Business and IT leaders to gain buy-in and incorporate feedback

Merger & Acquisition Framework

Application Gap Analysis

The Outcome:

As a result of our efforts, the client established a standing Integration Management Office. This organization now oversees all M&A activities to promote a standard process, apply lessons learned, and address issues that arise on projects. The framework and templates built now serve as the foundation for M&A activities.