Jabian Transforms Business Analysis Approach to Deliver Significant Value to Business and IT

The Client:

With 5,000 team members in over 20 countries and nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue, this client is a global leader in the management of information through its life cycle. For the transformation, Jabian interfaced with the client’s Business Solutions Group (BSG), the liaison between the Business and IT. Their primary responsibilities are managing requests for new or updated technical solutions and helping identify process improvement opportunities within the business.

The Challenge:

IT’s primary customer – the Business – was dissatisfied. Projects were delivered late, significantly over budget, overlooked major functional areas, and didn’t meet the Business’ actual needs. A core issue was poorly defined requirements that focused on “how” vs. “what/why”. The challenge was to transform the way BSG approached business analysis to focus on the Business need before moving into solutioning, ensure requirements are at an appropriate level of detail, identify and capture the end-to-end needs/impacts, and engage the appropriate stakeholders from the beginning.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of Change Management and Business Process experts led the effort, working with the leaders and doers in the BSG to transform the way business analysts gathered requirements, as well as how they interfaced with the Business and downstream IT groups. Working side by side, the team rolled out the transformation by:

  • Engaging leaders and SMEs in the Business and IT to understand pain points and define their needs
  • Rolling out a consistent and sustainable business & process analysis methodology within BSG
  • Updating role descriptions, performance targets, and internal processes to align with desired goals
  • Using training, job aids, peer reviews, shadowing, coaching, and lessons learned to move the BAs through the change adoption curve
  • Employing different communication tools and methods to engage stakeholders so they recognize the value of, and insist on, using the new approach

Business Process Framework

Business Analyst Adoption Scorecard

The Outcome:

As a result of our efforts, the Business Solutions Group was able to deliver projects with more robust business requirements which enabled IT to deliver results that were more accurate, with fewer change requests, less conflict between teams, fewer last-minute discoveries resulting in unnecessary fire drills, and increased overall satisfaction from the business.