Definition of a Comprehensive Science & Technology Strategic Plan for the State of Georgia

The Challenge:

By the spring of 2012, the Science and Technology Strategic Initiative Joint Study Commission had gathered over 200 ideas from state Science and Technology leaders. The challenge was taking the ideas gathered and developing a strategic plan to enable Georgia to have a global-leading science and technology ecosystem, ensuring its long-term economic growth and prosperity.

The Strategy:

Jabian Consulting led a pro-bono effort directing an executive committee composed of eighteen members from across the state. Working side-by-side, the committee developed the final strategic plan by:

  • Defining the Science and Technology Ecosystem to understand the key influencers to drive economic growth
  • Articulating the plan’s vision and mission to set a clear strategic direction
  • Developing a set of key goals to organize and focus final recommendations
  • Rationalizing and prioritizing 200+ ideas to 21 essential recommendations
  • Formulating an actionable strategic roadmap with tangible next steps

The Outcome:

The strategic plan has enabled the committee to proactively drive strategic initiatives for the State of Georgia by advancing its science and technology capabilities. Significant progress has been made on 10 near-term initiatives including three recommendations that have been introduced in the Georgia House and Senate and signed into law by Governor Deal in the 2013-2014 legislative sessions.

Strategy Framework

Strategic Roadmap