Jabian Provides the Roadmap for the Future of IT Services & Strategy

The Client:

A smart city uses information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance its livability, workability, and sustainability. There are three parts to that job: collecting, communicating, and “crunching”. A smart city collects information about itself through sensors, other devices, and existing systems. Next, it communicates that data via networks. Third, it “crunches” that data to understand what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen next. Our client is paving the way for the next wave of smart cities.

The Challenge:

A steering committee regularly teams with an independent party to conduct an assessment of IT services including cloud-based services, virtual CIO services, problem resolution, and monthly reporting. Past IT assessments have yielded little value in planning the next opportunities for future strategy, transformation, and growth. In an effort to develop the next IT strategy for 2020 and beyond, the assessment was expanded to include a variety of new areas including IT project management and stakeholder alignment to both staff and citizens.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of Change Management and Business Process experts led the effort, working with the client staff and steering committee leaders to conduct interviews and capture areas of opportunity as well as current capabilities. The team helped to develop the future vision for IT strategy through the following efforts:

  • Conducting an analysis of the value provided by the current third-party service provider and assessing the cost of switching to a new vendor
  • Documenting and prioritizing the actions/initiatives and producing a plan for closing capability gaps over time that includes an IT Improvement Roadmap
  • Development of high-level project plans that outline the key tasks to implement the projects documented in the IT Improvement Roadmap
  • Conducting follow-ups with the project sponsors to monitor the progress toward meeting their goals

Interviews Summary

IT Improvement Roadmap

The Outcome:

As a result of our efforts, our client has the tools necessary to take the next steps on their journey to becoming a more innovative smart city. They have the plans to take on the future of their IT strategy, as well as a partner in Jabian who will work hand-in-hand with them to ensure each IT Improvement Roadmap initiative contributes to their vision and the needs of their constituents.