Jabian Leads Client Through Vendor Selection Process

The Client:

The client is a global technology company with self-service solutions for ATM machines and software, POS systems and software, and airline check-in systems. At the center of the self-service revolution, this client was strategically poised between consumers who demanded fast, easy, and convenient options, and businesses intent on increasing revenues, building customer loyalty, reaching the contemporary customer, and lowering their cost of operations.

The Challenge:

Through a third-party assessment, the client identified operational efficiencies in their quote-to-cash processes. One piece of the solution to address these inefficiencies was building out a customer portal to allow internal and external customers to conduct quote-to-cash capabilities online in a self-service fashion. Jabian was brought on to help assess the shortlist of vendors and make a recommendation for the software tool and the system integrator.

The Strategy:

Jabian’s five-step Vendor Sourcing Methodology ensures a comprehensive evaluation and quality results by:

  • Clearly documenting scope by ensuring alignment to the organization, project, and goals
  • Determining the prioritized business and technical requirements using detailed business analysis
  • Engaging employee stakeholders throughout the process
  • Creating a well-defined and documented response scoring model
  • Conducting personalized and interactive dialogue with prospective vendors
  • Consolidating written evaluations and oral evaluations to create a recommendation for the best-fit vendor

Vendor Sourcing Model & Results Matrix

Vendor Selection Methodology

The Outcome:

By using our structured approach, we enabled the client to select the best-fit software tool and system integrator to reduce the number of manual touchpoints in their quote-to-cash process and increase operational efficiencies across 12 quote-to-cash capabilities.