Jabian Defines an Organization Wide Strategy to Enhance Continuous Customer Interaction

The Client:

A non-profit organization that conducts medical research and provides services to a large consumer base. The business is anticipating and planning for sizable growth over the next five years and will need to scale its operations accordingly to meet the increase in demand.

The Challenge:

The client was delivering an inconsistent customer experience across its products, with an inability to rely on effective processes and tools. They also struggled with an incomplete understanding of their customer base and how to best engage with them. Internal departments worked in silos to carry out daily activities, with few policies and procedures in place to handle extraordinary circumstances in an ever-growing business environment. The client approached Jabian with a request to implement a Customer Data Management System. But through further conversations, they realized they needed a more comprehensive Customer Experience Solution, including a CRM system and customer engagement tools.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of strategy and process design experts worked closely with leadership and key stakeholders within the client organization to define the overall vision of the business. Jabian employed methodologies and proven strategy practices to develop the roadmap for the growing business to achieve the vision through several key activities:

  • Conducted strategy session workshops with business leaders to develop the organizational vision and objectives
  • Developed business requirements and scenario analysis to guide the subsequent design and configuration of technology solutions
  • Performed business process redesign to standardize and provide clarity to daily business operations
  • Provided program management of the engagement across multiple vendors to ensure efforts stayed within budget and within timeline while retaining a focus on overall strategic objectives



The Outcome:

With Jabian’s help, the client has been able to drive the successful implementation of a new Customer Relationship Management system, redesign their company website, and enhance their customer web portal capability. Jabian’s program management of multiple vendors involved in the development and configuration of each solution helped keep efforts under budget and on schedule. By developing a strategic path forward to achieve the client’s objectives and placing an emphasis on improving the ‘customer experience,’ Jabian helped the organization develop operational efficiencies and improve its go-to-market strategy.