By Tara Sconzo & Kalle Wood

Full calendars, to-do lists, a running checklist in the back of your head… so many of us have a long list of things we’re looking to accomplish and tackle each day/week/year. We set personal and professional goals, and we push ourselves to achieve them. While the pressure is on to do more, better, faster, we’re also told that we should “take time for ourselves” and create “balance.” This balance may seem all too distant at times, yet – for our sake and the sake of others – it’s important we strive to find it. When looking for balance, it’s not only about ourselves, but also about setting a platform for others. How can we find “Balance for Better” together?

This year’s International Women’s Day theme highlights “Balance for Better” to encourage us all, on both a personal and community level, to find a balance that moves us forward. Finding balance in our personal lives may mean focusing more time on family and friends, giving back to our communities, or focusing on ourselves from time to time. In the community, “Balance for Better” may entail looking at our professional environment or surroundings, and identifying ways we can make an impact to open doors, diversify, and remove bias.

For March, we at Jabian spent time recognizing International Women’s Day by discussing current issues facing women and solutions that can help us achieve balance to better all. During our conversation, some themes emerged:

  • Identify how and when you can stand up for positive change
  • Know what it means to be progressive and advocate for what is just
  • Understand that everyone is on a different path and timeline when it comes to advancing themselves and their environment

The most important thing that came out of our discussion was that achieving balance isn’t something we can do alone. “Balance for Better” comes when we stand up for one anther, speak out to make a positive difference, and recognize that everyone provides a tremendous value of perspective, personality, and passion.

We at Jabian will be continuing to consider how we can work toward achieving “Balance for Better”, both personally and in our community. We invite you to do the same.