Meet Bakari Jackson, a consultant in Jabian’s Atlanta office. With a naissance from the United States and raised in South Africa, Bakari embraces the world with a blend of cultural perspectives to support his extensive experience and knowledge. He brings 10 years of professional experience, as well as a BBA in Marketing to the table, offering his business expertise like no other!

Q: What is one thing on your bucket list you still haven’t gotten to that you hope to do this year? 

A: I’ve always wanted to see my top heavy metal bands live and this year I get to see System of a Down, Korn, and Deftones at a massive festival called Sick New World in Las Vegas!

Q: What is something you still want to see change going forward in corporate America?  

A: I would love to see more ambitious policies, strategies, and goals set in the near term, regarding Environmental Social Governance (ESG). I think if we can really look to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding light we will truly change our world for the better!

Bakari Jackson