Matt Syrett is a Senior Manager in our Atlanta office and has been with Jabian for almost five years, and during that time he has advanced his career significantly. Keep reading to get to know Matt and what his career at Jabian entails.

Q: What does your role entail?

A: My role is really a mix of a few different things. I help my clients be successful by helping them solve their most important and complex problems, I help grow the firm through business development and networking, account management and project oversight, and mentorship. And finally, I help improve the community through volunteerism and skills-based volunteering.

Q: Can you give us an example of a cool project or most recent project?

A: A recent project that sticks out for me is a process analysis and software assessment project I did for a large community foundation here in Atlanta. I analyzed the current state of their grantmaking and scholarship award processes and identified opportunities for improvement. Then I used the gaps and must-haves I identified as the criteria for a vendor assessment for new software that would cover their end-to-end processes. To wrap it up, I held strategic planning sessions with their leadership and created a prioritized roadmap to implement the changes within their desired timeframe. I loved working there and the client was great and really appreciative of the work we were doing. It was also cool working in an industry I’d never worked in before, especially for a company who’s work directly impacts the community.

Q: Why should someone want to work at Jabian?

A: The control over the direction of my career initially attracted me to Jabian, then the culture and people I met throughout my recruitment process really hooked me in. I was pigeon-holed at my previous company and had no say in the type of projects I worked on. As long as I was billable, my personal and professional goals didn’t seem to matter. Everyone I spoke with at Jabian prior to joining described how much their colleagues and Career Developer cared about their growth. I also noticed the passion they all had for their careers, community, and relationships. That passion and culture has been consistent since the first day I spoke with Jabian until now, almost five years later.

Q: What keeps you at Jabian?

A: The variety of work, the freedom to create your own path, and the support you receive along the way has been incredible. I have the ability to grow at my own pace, following a path that I’ve defined and that’s really unique.  But I think what ultimately keeps me here is the people. I can honestly call every single one of my colleagues my friends which makes the work more enjoyable. Everyone is smart, curious, and just fun to be around.

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