Strategic Program Plan for Cybersecurity Center

The Client

The client was a state government entity tasked with supporting IT infrastructure services to both state agencies and municipalities. For this engagement, Jabian partnered with the executive leaders of the organization’s Enterprise Management, Information Security, and Financial departments.

The Challenge

The client was tasked to work with a local university to develop a cybersecurity innovation and training center, incorporating a cyber range, a start-up incubator program, and a training academy. Facility construction was ongoing, and the client had nine months to develop its programs. With limited resources, the client needed to strategically prioritize the staffing of positions and areas of development that would have the greatest impact on the local cybersecurity economy and drive cybersecurity workforce development for the state.

The Strategy

The Jabian team interviewed more than 45 stakeholders and subject matter experts in cybersecurity. After mapping the current state of the local cybersecurity ecosystem, the team generated recommendations for each of the three programs, which led to the evolution of the current cyber ecosystem to the desired future-state.

The team’s work included:

  • Defining 10 components of the local cybersecurity industry ecosystem that must work together to create a thriving community
  • Developing potential Cyber Range personas and estimated volumes, allowing the client to target development efforts into areas with high demand
  • Defining key differentiators and success factors for the incubator program, facilitating the creation of a targeted curriculum to attract entrepreneurs
  • Drafting an academy roadmap that outlined a growth path and defined collaboration areas needed that were needed with local university resources

Local Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Long-Term Staffing Plan

The Outcome

As a result of Jabian’s efforts, the client had a strategic plan to execute to prepare for the cybersecurity innovation and training center’s opening. The client also has direction on immediate next steps including budget requests needed for key staff roles, relationships to build upon to grow support and awareness for the center, and critical decisions to be made to accelerate the center’s programs.