Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Assessment and Recommendations

The Client:

With over 9,000 employees in the United State, this multibillion-dollar retail company is a leader in the convenience store marketplace. Jabian partnered with the client’s C-suite team to determine their current maturity of Diversity and Inclusion and develop a roadmap to become more inclusive in the future. 

The Challenge:

The client’s senior leadership and upper-level management teams did not reflect the diversity of the rest of the company, and the C-suite understood that diverse candidates tended to “self select” out. The client needed help to understand how employees felt about both diversity and inclusion in the company and to identify concrete steps to improve inclusion.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of D&I experts led the effort, working with the client’s SLT and ELT teams to understand the current maturity of the organization and identify opportunities for improvement. The team provided a high-level roadmap with actionable recommendations by: 

  • Conducting workshops with SLT, ELT, and talent teams
  • Gathering qualitative insights through interviews and focus groups
  • Gathering quantitative insights with a survey
  • Assessing the D&I maturity using Jabian’s D&I Maturity Matrix

D&I Activity Roadmap

Maturity Assessment

The Outcome:

As a result of the team’s efforts, the client gained a concrete understanding of their employees’ level of engagement as it related to inclusion and understand their baseline maturity level for diversity and inclusion. They became aware of specific opportunities to foster and retain talent, particularly diverse talent, and become a future-facing organization.