Supplier Diversity Statement and Dashboard

The Client:

This global construction project management and consulting firm has over 130 years of experience in construction management. Jabian partnered with the client’s North American leadership team to solidify the external-facing supplier diversity policy for their clients and partners. 

The Challenge:

The client’s North American leadership needed to track and report their supplier diversity spend for use during client RFPs and bids and while attracting supplier partners. They wanted to document their diversity policy and aspirational diversity goals and then track their progress via a customized dashboard. 

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of DEI experts led the effort, working with the client’s North America leadership team to understand their current supplier diversity policies and relationships, as well as their future diverse supplier goals. The team developed a statement, plan, policies, and dashboard by:  

  • Conducting workshops with the North America leadership team,
  • Gathering qualitative insights through internal client interviews, and
  • Compiling industry insights via research and external interviews.

Diverse Supplier Scorecard

Supplier Diversity Statement

The Outcome:

As a result of the team’s efforts, the client has an external-facing supplier diversity statement that will help them attract future diverse suppliers and indicate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to current and future suppliers and employees. The client began tracking their past diverse-supplier spend using Jabian’s customized supplier spend dashboard and immediately included the statement and details into a client RFP. The client will be able to build on this foundation as they solidify their DEI strategy and goals, globally and country-specific.