Taskforce Facilitation and Support

The Client

The client was a government entity responsible for creating policies and organizations to improve the quality-of-life Georgians and the economic power and future of the state as a whole. 

The Challenge

The client was challenged with leading a taskforce of business and community leaders across the state to develop recommendations that would secure Georgia as the technology capital of the east coast. That challenge was increased by the conditions of COVID-19, which prohibited taskforce members from meeting in person, or at all, due to the toll the pandemic had on their businesses, families, and communities. 

Additionally, the client was tasked with building a final report and presentation that would inspire private investment and collaboration during the pandemic, when many private entities were suffering financially. 

The Strategy

The Jabian team of project managers and industry experts led and supported the effort. Working alongside the client’s taskforce and with industry representatives from across the state, the team conducted research, developed a taskforce timeline and schedule, and created recommendations for pilot programs to present to the client leadership. Leveraging Jabian’s deep expertise in project management, the team helped the client by:

  • Facilitating action-oriented meetings
  • Developing templates to collect research, progress, recommendations, and pilots
  • Creating frameworks that ensured recommendations would accomplish the client’s near- and long-term goals
  • Benchmarking comparable inter-and intra-efforts to develop success factors
  • Visualizing data to highlight the impact of all proposed recommendations

Recommendation Outline

Pilot Charter

The Outcome

As a result of Jabian’s efforts, the client raised millions in private investments and established a new organization and fund to implement the recommendations that Jabian helped them create. In addition to producing recommendations to benefit Georgia residents, the client spurred taskforce members to create pilots that launched before the engagement was complete, exceeding expectations and initial timelines.